Charity Work – Past Successes


We all like to help others where possible and the Admin and Moderators at Hen’Pals are no different as are our members. Spending many hours brain storming we came up with the idea of hosting an Online Charity Auction. This was perfect as health and fitness didn’t play any part in raising the money so all of our members were able to participate and help out in our journey.

1505598_1616414255252878_5398910300803812512_n                                                                                                Our first charity auction too place in June 2016 raising much needed funds for a cockerel rescue Big Red Rooster, Cockerel Rescue. The auction when fantastic raising more than £395.00 for them!

Due to the success of the first auction and the requests from our members to host another one we agreed to host a 2nd charity auction in August 2016. pcgb-logoWe chose to raise funds for Hen Heaven, a sanctuary for chickens and turkeys, and The Poultry Club of Great Britain, to help fund their project of raising awareness of poultry in younger people and help maintain the breeds we know today going strong. The auction was a huge success raising just over £1005 for them. We were so amazed and humbled at the kindness of others.front_c

We couldn’t have made this a success without the help of our admin/moderators, our members and all the kindness of the many donations received to make this all happen. We greatly appreciate the efforts of all involved and hope together we can raise much needed funds for charities and rescues in the future.


As we enter 2017 we have already begun the planning of our first charity auction of the year and are currently in the process of gathering donations to be auctioned off. We hope that this can be just as successful as last year and help those that need it.bhwt-logofacebook_cropped_724_341                                                                                                                                    The auction is planned for March 2017 and we’re going to be raising funds for the British Hen Welfare Trust. All preparations are underway and more info will be added as we get closer to the event.


A massive thank you to all who have contributed to our online charity auctions so far.



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