BHWT -British Hen Welfare Trust

Who are the British Hen Welfare Trust?

20160917-1550_2” The British Hen Welfare Trust was established in 2005 and since then has re-homed more than 550,000 hens. These birds would otherwise have been sent to slaughter but are now enjoying a free range retirement in someone’s back garden. It’s hard to explain just how wonderful hens are as pets, and before you know it you’ll have fallen head over heels in love with them! They really do capture your heart and become a much-loved family pet in no time. Many of our supporters keep coming back time and time again to re-home these gorgeous girls.”



What successes have the BHWT achieved over the last 12 years?

20160917-1522” We succeeded in re-homing around 50,000 hens each year thanks to our network of more than 30 pop-up points around the UK. We estimate that it costs us just under £3 in feed, equipment, veterinary costs etc. to give one hard-working hen a second chance in a happy retirement home. Our fantastic volunteers mean we can keep our costs low, but we do have to pay for equipment and supplies.  We are constantly on the lookout for new and different ways to raise funds to meet our costs, and because we know there is always so much more we could do if we had the resources! “

What are BHWT’s aims for 2017 and where will the funds raised in Hen’Pals Charity Auction be used?

” This year we are fundraising to build the UK’s first welfare and education centre at our base, Hen Central, in Devon. Not only will the building be a dedicated re-homing centre and a vast improvement on our current facilities, but it will also give us the opportunity to hold training courses, lectures, talks and much more. We will be building the centre on a piece of land next to our offices at Hope Chapel in Rose Ash.

We have so far raised £180,000 but need another £70,000 to reach our target so any money raised through the charity auction will go towards helping us build this brilliant new centre and continue our life-saving work. “


You can visit the BHWT on their website here –


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