We hope you enjoy being part of our group and share many stories and photos of your feathered friends.
Hen’Pals Admins: Diane Bavington & Gemma Bavington.
Hen’pals Moderators: Toni Marie Graham & Kris Graham.
Hen’Pals is sponsored by The Incubator Shop & UK Poultry Supplies. They are offering you, our members, a generous discount when you shop at their online shops, discount code can be obtained from our Facebook group.


We don’t have strict, unrealistic rules but we do ask that you read and follow the guidelines below when posting and using our group. This will help you understand what our group is like and prevent misunderstandings from arising.

In Hen’Pals we will discuss a number of topics including poorly chickens, dispatching, foxes, rats, keeping chickens as pets, hatching and raising chickens for meat. We understand that you may not agree with, or like, some of the topics discussed. We ask on these occasions you scroll past the post and move onto the next.

We ask that you respect other group members, and our Admin/Moderators, and understand that we all have different opinions and different ways of caring for our poultry. We will never all agree on any one way of keeping poultry.

On a note of showing respect to other members, we ask that you do not swear on the group please. We have members of all ages and we must respect this.

Any photos of a graphic nature (eg. those showing culled/killed animals) can we ask that you put them into the comments of your post and a warning on the post that they are there, that way our members have a choice whether to look or scroll by (especially the younger members and those with a squeamish nature).

We welcome healthy discussions and debates but we do draw a line at downright rudeness and bullying towards other members. Please control yourselves x

Adverts for poultry & Poultry related items are most welcome on Hen’Pals but we ask that you only bump your advert once a week and all sold items/birds are marked as so on the advert. Hen’Pals take no responsibility for any sales that take place on our group, no money is taken from any adverts placed on our group and the members set their own prices when placing their advert. All sales are between buyer & seller and Hen’Pals will take no part in this transaction.

PLEASE DO NOT ADVERTISE YOUR OWN GROUP/PAGE without prior agreement of the Hen’Pals Admin. Please PM one of the admin team to check for approval. If agreement has been given we ask that only one post to your group is added and that you use this to bump. Please restrict bumping your post to once a week and no more. Also in return we would ask that you allow a link to our group to be placed onto your advertised group. Thank you.

Hen’Pals is a non-profit making group. We are not paid in any way and nor do we ask for money/donations from our members to run our group. Any competitions that run with prizes are out of the pockets of the admin not from our members and this is how it will remain. We give to our group as we love our members and wish to show our thanks for being loyal and fun loving members.

Hen’Pals runs regular Quizzes and Competitions for our members. WE DO NOT ENDORSE anyone else to advertise their competitions on our group nor run their own competitions/quizzes through our group. If you are unsure then please contact one of the Admins of the group before posting. Thank you.

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